Army troops get latest Sig Sauer rifles, ATVs along China border in Sikkim

by ANI

Enhancing the capabilities of its troops deployed along the border with China, the Indian Army has provided the latest assault rifles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to soldiers deployed in the North Sikkim area which has seen clashes between the two sides in recent times.

The aim is to enhance capacity and enable soldiers, especially those posted in harsh and challenging terrain to undertake their operational tasks with ease. The Indian Army inducted sophisticated weapon platforms and modern equipment in the last couple of years, said the Army. Mentioning its rapid capability enhancement drive, the Indian Army said ATVs and 7.62 mm SiG Sauers are inducted for soldiers deployed at high altitude areas.

Soldiers deployed in Muguthang Sub Sector in North Sikkim at an altitude of more than 15,500 feet, a super high altitude area, with ATVs and 7.62 mm SiG Sauers could be seen operating in that area.
“Indian Army is in stride with the future and ever ready to defend the Nation’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” emphasized the Force. (ANI)

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