J-K: Army launches vocational training centre for ‘Waadiyan Bakery Project’

by ANI

Indian Army launches a vocational training centre for women for ‘Waadiyan Bakery Project’ in Mangnar village of Poonch to enhance women skill development.

Meanwhile, women who are associated with this project and locals expressed their happiness. Rimpi Rani, associated with the Waadiyan bakery Project, said, “We are very glad and thankful that the Indian army and Aseem Foundation has chosen our village for giving us opportunities.”
Earlier, the bakery project used to produce two products. She further added, “Our trainer, Mehak gave us the recipes of five products, after which we can now go to the main market.”

Rimpi also stated that they have received huge profits from this project.

Mohd Aslam Serpench, a local resident of Mangnar, said, “We are very glad and thankful that 39 Rashtriya Rifle (RR) Army has chosen our village. There are 12 women who are associated with the project. I also congratulate all the 12 women who left their daily household chores and choose this profession.

Another local resident, ex Subedar Joginder Lal was also very happy with the introduction of this project in his village. he said, ” Their products are fresh and they sell their products basically in Punjab, and Haryana and their main source of income is the profit they receive after selling these products.”

Mr Lal also expressed his wish to increase the franchise in different villages.

Mehak Khursheed who is associated with the project as a trainer was very happy with the development of girls and the project. She said, “The sales are being done in Delhi, Jammu, Pune& Mumbai; profits are given to women here.”

The Waadiyan Bakery Project was started by the Indian Army and Aseem Foundation and 12-15 women are associated with this project. (ANI)

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