Army organises manufacturing of face masks in J&K

by Editorial

The Indian Army is fully supporting the civil administration in its fight against Covid-19. The use of face mask is going to continue in the society till the time pandemic doesn’t subside. The Army organised manufacturing of Triple Layered Face Mask in Women Empowerment Node at Hubi and Samote of Rajouri district under the flagship of Sadhbhavana projects.

As on date, good quality and economic face masks are not available in the market. As a result, local awam is forced to buy expensive or poor-quality face masks from the local markets. In addition to the above the ladies skilled in tailoring are facing financial hardships, functioning of Women Empowerment Node at Hubi and Samote for making of triple layered face masks with adequate precautionary measures will provide a platform to these ladies, to earn their livelihood.

Making of triple layered face mask by the ladies will strengthen our fight against the virus. The mask will be of low price compared to the existing market rate and its usage will help in containing Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative by the Army will boost the relations between the Men in Uniform and the locals.

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