Does Pakistan care to slip further into FATF blacklist?

by Editorial

Pakistan’s game of eyewash to international community r uns unhindered while calling international community, including FATF of complying with most of the socalled measures to suppress the financial activities of UN designated entities such as Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM), and their affiliates and other terrorist organisation having bases in Pakistan. 

On the contrary, these terrorist outfits on ground, hold fund-raising activities across Pakistani provinces unchecked, delivered lectures during Friday Sermons (Khutba Jumma) by calling various JuD central leaders, including the son of JuD Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Hafiz Talha Saeed; and Chairman of Falah-eInsaniyat Foundation (FIF – Charitable wing of JuD) Hafiz Abdul Rauf, at numerous Masjids in District Gujranwala (JuD bastion), Punjab and elsewhere. JuD propagated in the country not only through social media platforms but also displayed banner across cities in Pakistan calling for funds from public for distribution to terrorists’ families neutralized by their adversaries. During the Friday Sermons, members of these banned terrorist organizations, invited people for training courses and propagated terrorism and jihad through display of banner and articles or writeups published in their socalled charitable affiliates / publications, namely “Noore-Baseerat” & “Musalman Bachchay”, monthly magazines of JuD and JeM. Jaishe-Muhammad (JeM) Chief Maulana Masood Azhar and his brother Mufti Rauf Asghar and Maulana Talha AlSaif remained active during Covid-19 pandemic as well, addressing the gathering on Friday congregations, and on Eid-ul-Azha and at conferences called on the behest of their Amirs.

 In a rare display of audacity and no respect to international pressure to curtail their terrorist activities, an audio clip was released on July 03, 2020 on JeM’s official YouTube channel “Islamivoices Official” by Maulana Talha Al-Saif Maulana who advocated killing of followers of US, IMF and other infidels. They also demanded donation to wage jihad through Kashmiri terrorists. These activities of the terrorist leaders/organizations who spearheaded their campaign at umpteen religious places and elsewhere during the last few months, when the country has been trying to save their skin from slipping further into the FATF black list, showcased Pakistan’s will and intent to act against these powerful terrorist leaders and their front wings.

 A sample (in box) on how these terrorist leaders spearheaded their campaign at religious places and elsewhere during the last few months showcased Pakistan’s will and intent to act against these powerful terrorist leaders and their outfits.

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