Forces of humanity: ‘Thank you, Army! It’s a baby boy’

by Editorial

It was snowing continuously for last several days, when at 2330 hours on last Tuesday, the Army at the COB Karalpura, Kupwara, received a distress call from Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh. The individual informed that his wife Shabnam Begum is undergoing labour pain and needs to be evacuated to the hospital immediately. Also, due to heavy snowfall and inclement weather neither community health service vehicle nor civil transport was available and same was only possible after the snow was cleared from the road.

Understanding the gravity of the situation and plight of the family, the Army troops at Karalpura along with battlefield nursing assistant and medical comforts, reached the spot on time. The troops escorted the lady and the family for about 2 km in knee deep snow till the road head, from where she was taken to Karalpura hospital. On reaching hospital the lady was immediately attended by the medical staff which coordinated beforehand by the Army with the civil administration.

The family and the civil administration thanked the unit for its humanitarian efforts and recognised Army as the true friend of the awam at the time of distress. The father came to the COB to distribute sweets to all troops in the COB after being blesses with a healthy boy. BMO Shafi also called up the Army camp to thank and inform, “Thank you, Army! It’s a baby boy!”

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