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28 September is celebrated as the Gunners’ Day every year as on this day in 1827 Five (Bombay) Mountain Battery equipped with 2.5 inch guns was raised. Presently it forms part of 57 Field Regiment. Artillery has grown in strength and capability with each passing year. Today the Artillery boosts of a dynamic inventory which ranges from Ballistic Missile, Multi Barrel Rocket launchers, High Mobility Guns, Mortars Precision Guided Munitions for destruction of enemy targets to Radars, UAVs and Electro optic devices for locating and carryout Post Strike Damage Assessment (PSDA). The Artillery has always been a battle winning factor and as per the new generation of warfare (Non Contact Warfare), its role and significance is bound to increase manifold in future. 

The Regiment of Artillery is proud of a glorious past replete with rich traditions and gallant achievements. It has acquitted itself as the battle winning factor in every occasion whenever the integrity of our nation has been threatened. The Regiment rendered yeoman service to the nation during all the major conflicts with adversaries and during disasters and natural calamities. The regiment boasts of one Victoria Cross, one Distinguished Service Order, 15 Military Crosses during the pre-independence era and one Ashok Chakra, seven Maha Vir Chakras, nine Kirti Chakras, 101 Vir Chakras, 63 Shaurya Chakras, six Bar to Sena Medal, 485 Sena Medals besides many other decorations. The role of Bofors in Kargil conflict also established beyond doubt that Artillery firepower plays a defining role in achieving victory in the modern battlefield. The accurate artillery fire on enemy positions during the Kargil war had reduced their defences to rubble thereby degrading the enemy’s fighting potential.

 The rapidly progressing transformation of the Indian Artillery into a state-of-the-art combat force by equipping itself with modern weapon systems incorporating the latest technological advancements will help the Gunners in honouring their motto, “Sarvatra Izzat-O-Iqbal — Everywhere with Honour and Glory”. The Artillery is amongst the forefront Arms of the Indian Army engaged in modernising in terms of equipment and support systems. All these modernisation programme upgrades will enhance reach and precision of the Artillery and strengthen its punch against the enemies under the “Make in India” initiative of the Government.

 On this occasion, Lieutenant General CP Mohanty, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, conveyed his best wishes to the serving and retired personnel of Regiment of Artillery and lauded them for their selfless devotion and dedication to duty towards the Indian Army and the Nation.

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