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Indian Army units deployed in Nihal area of Reasi district reached out to the populace, to sensitise them against Covid-19 pandemic. The population of this area is poor and lacks basic amenities.

Spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has further added to their hardships. In order to enable the locals to fight the pandemic, there was a requirement to distribute Covid kits to 500 Gujjar and Bakkarwal families in Nihal area of Reasi district under the flagship of Sadhbhavana projects.

Villages in the area of responsibility are remote far flung and lack basic medical infrastructure which impacts availability of hygiene and chemicals and other items necessary to sanitise the area and prevent spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. To tide over this issue and to ensure availability of Covid precaution items to the Gujjar and Bakarwal community, a Sadhbhavana project was undertaken in the areas of Nihal.

Local populace conveyed their gratitude towards Indian Army for distributing the Covid kits.

The continuous and relentless effort of the Army will boost the morale of the people to fight against the novel coronavirus and also to establish a good rapport between the armed forces and the awam.

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