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In the line of duty, Indian Army Havildar Bhadouria Kuldip Suresh Singh fainted on 8 April 2021 and was rushed to the hospital but later declared dead due to Acute Coronary Syndrome (Query) Massive at Ladakh. He was deployed in eastern Ladakh along Line of Actual Control (LAC) since 23 August 2020 at an altitude of 16,082 feet with extreme climatic conditions coupled with temperature plummeting to -35 degree and high velocity winds.

Mortal remains of battle casualty Havildar Bhadouria Kuldip Suresh Singh of 12 Guards were transported in civil aircraft by Air India AI 531 to Ahmedabad. Homage was paid to him at the Ahmedabad airport by Army officials and Commanding Officer. Mortal remains were further escorted to his native place at Jantanagar, Chandkehda, Ahmedabad with full military honours for the funeral rites. Hav Bhadouria Kuldip Suresh Singh was enrolled in Indian Army on 25 September 2000. A selfless soldier with unprecedented bravery and indefatigable will who served with high level of commitment throughout his career. The soldier served from the scorching deserts of Rajasthan to icy heights of Ladakh to the High Altitude Active Area of Jammu & Kashmir. On 8th April, the soldier breathed his last while defending the nation in such inhospitable condition conforming to the highest values and ethos of Indian Army. Mortal remains of the soldier were paid full military honours by personnel and senior officials of Army by laying wreaths at Ahmedabad Cantonment before being transported to his native place in Ahmedabad.

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