Indian Coast Guard rescues 3 people from Manalli Tivu island

by Editorial

New Delhi: In a swift and daring operation by Indian Coast Guard three personnel were rescued by the Coast Guard Hovercraft based at Mandapam. On 3 December, a distress call was received from District Collector, Ramanathapuram about 3 stranded personnel at Manalli Tivu Island. The rescue operation was undertaken in the challenging weather conditions caused by Cyclone Burevi.

Strong winds, continuous rains and low visibility were posing serious challenges for the crew to locate the boat and undertake the operation. However, the Hovercraft persisted with the search, in and around the island and after lot of persistence, was able to locate the boat and subsequently rescue the distressed crew. The personnel had ventured out into sea on 1 December 2020 and due to engine problem they could not start the boat and were stranded at the island for last three days.

All three stranded personnel were provided with warm clothes, first aid, enough fluids and refreshment. The rescued personnel were brought to Indian Coast Guard Station Mandapam and were subsequently handed over to fisheries department on 3 December.

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