Navy working to provide relief on East Coast

by Editorial

To provide relief material to the civil administration of West Bengal and Odisha, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) is in high degree of readiness to render necessary humanitarian assistance. Indian naval ships at Visakhapatnam are standing-by to proceed to the most affected areas to undertake Humanitarian Aid Distress Relief (HADR), evacuation, logistic support including providing medical aid.

These ships are embarked with additional divers, doctors, inflatable rubber boats and relief material that include food, tentage, clothes, medicines, blankets, etc, in sufficient quantities. In addition to HADR material, 20 teams with Gemini boats and medical teams are also kept ready for augmenting relief efforts in Odisha and West Bengal. Naval aircraft are also standing by at the Naval Air Stations INS Dega at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and INS Rajali at Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu, to undertake reconnaissance, rescue, and casualty evacuation if required.

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