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New Delhi: In addition to the much visible anti-India media campaign launched by Pakistan, it has been reliably learnt by the Indian Armed Forces and Intelligence agencies that Pakistan ISI has been instructed to execute a plan to flood Jammu and Kashmir with weapons. Due to the strong anti-infiltration grid established by the Indian security forces, Pakistan is unable to infiltrate neither terrorists nor weapons into the valley to increase violence levels in the valley. Pakistan ISI has been given an ultimatum to push in maximum infiltrators along with weapons into Kashmir before onset of winters, when the undergrowth/bushes in most infiltration prone areas will die down due to dew & snowfall.

ISI has reportedly analysed the Rules of Engagement (ROE) followed by Indian Security forces that they do not fire when an intruder along the Line of Control is seen without a weapon. Therefore, this modus operandi to infiltrate terrorists without weapon and sending weapons separately by drones or other means has been instituted to reduce the risk of terrorists getting eliminated at the Line of Control itself.Pakistan ISI has reportedly procured a sizeable number of Hexacopters from a Chinese firm associated with the CPEC in the pretext of protecting CPEC assets.

Recently, Indian Security Forces have also made multiple recoveries of EMEI Type 97 NSR rifles manufactured by ‘NORINCO’ company of China, which is a standard issue to PLA soldiers and also gifted to Pakistan Frontier Force as part of CPEC cooperation. 

•On intervening night of 23-24 September 2020, two suspected persons who were travelling in a Mahindra Bolero from Jammu to South Kashmir were arrested while transporting one Chinese made Norinco/EMEI Type 97 NSR rifle, four magazines with 190 rounds one AK47 rifle with four magazines with 218 rounds and three grenades. Reportedly this consignment was dropped through a drone at Samba.

•On 23 September, five AK- 47 rifles, and two Pistols were recovered in Ferozpur Mamdot sector.

•On 22 September, two AK assault rifles, one pistol, three AK magazines and 90 rounds which were airdropped by a Pakistani drone in a village in Akhnoor region were seized by Jammu and Kashmir Police.

•On 18 September, two AK-56 rifles, Two Pistol and 04 grenades recovered along the Line of Control in Rajouri Sector. Intelligence inputs suggest that the weapons were likely to have been dropped by Pakistani drone.

•On 14 September, in the Gurez sector of North Kashmir when a group of terrorists attempting to infiltrate from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir were challenged, they abandoned their rucksacks before jumping into the Kishenganga river. One Chinese made Norinco QBZ 95 rifle was recovered along with other weapons and dead bodies of two terrorists who drowned in the river were recovered later. Chinese made QBZ 95 is used by soldiers of Pak Frontier Corps.

•On 12 September 2020, alert BSF troops recovered one AK-47 rifle, one M16 Rifle and two pistols which were smuggled across the IB fence in Ferozpur Kudian. 

•On 08 September 2020, alert troops recovered one AK-47 (1), one M-4 Rifle, two magazines, six pistols which was smuggled through IB Sector.

•On 30 August 2020, seven AK-47 rifles, Two Pistols and 29 grenades recovered along the Line of Control in Rampur Sector.

•On 18 Aug 2020, one AK-47 rifle recovered along the Line of Control in Tangdhar Sector.

•On 22 July 2020, One AK-47 rifle, five pistols and 24 grenades were recovered along the Line of Control in Rampur Sector.

•On 31 July 2020, three AK-47 rifles, One Pika Gun, One Sniper Rifle, 12 grenades and two UBGLs recovered along the Line of Control in Macchil Sector.

•On 06 July 2020, three AK-47 rifles, two pistols were recovered along the Line of Control in Uri Sector.

•On 08 June 2020, Two AK-56 rifles, two UBGL, five pistols and 57 grenades were recovered along the Line of Control in Keran Sector.

•On 31 March 2020, two AK-47 rifles and one Pistol were recovered along the Line of Control in Keran Sector.

•On 22 March 2020, eight AK 47 rifles, and 28 grenades were recovered as dumped on the Line of Control in Keran Sector.

•On 19 January 2020, a Pakistani Quad copter was recovered by the BSF in Kathua Sector with one M4 Rifle, two magazines, sixty rounds and seven grenades.

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