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JSC Rosoboronexport (part of Rostec State Corporation) organised a joint display of Russian industrial enterprises at the Aero India 2021 international aerospace exhibition, which was held at the Air Force Station in Yelahanka, Bengaluru, earlier this month.

Rosoboronexport’s Director General Alexander Mikheev said, “Russia and India have been maintaining and building up mutually beneficial strategic partnership. Military and technical cooperation between our countries is expanding every year. It is very important for us to have such a strong and reliable partner on the global stage as India. Rosoboronexport is ready to cooperate with India in all areas. Currently, we are carrying out joint research works in more than 100 promising areas, including aviation, thus laying the groundwork for the future development of high-tech industries in both countries. We are implementing joint projects for all armed services with such a degree of cooperation between enterprises of the two countries, that is unique for the world market.”

Russia’s joint display, located in pavilion A, incorporated exhibits of Rosoboronexport, JSC Shvabe and JSC Almaz-Antey Corporation. Delegations of the leading Russian aircraft, helicopters and engines manufacturing holdings—JSC United Aircraft Corporation, JSC Russian Helicopters and JSC United Engine Corporation worked at the exhibition. 

In total, the company demonstrated at its exhibit (А 8.5) over 200 military products, including the models of promising 5th generation multi-role fighter Su-57E, multi-role super manoeuvrable fighter Su-35, two-seat multi-role frontline fighter MiG-35D, military transport Il-76MD-90A(E), aerial refuelling tanker Il-78MK-90A, light multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T and anti-aircraft missile and gun system Pantsir-S1.Besides, Rosoboronexport demonstrated vehicles Typhoon K-63968, Typhoon K-53949 and protected field ambulance Linza.

Increased attention was expected towards Radar P-18-2 Prima, which is a newly-designed product of Russian defence industry, exhibited abroad for the first time ever. The radar is capable of effectively detecting present-day and future low-signature aerial targets, including the ones, produced with the use of Stealth technologies.

Among the products of Russia’s aviation industry, demonstrated by Rosoboronexport at Aero India  2021, profound interest in the Asia-Pacific Region was attracted by modernised combat helicopter Mi-28NE, military transport helicopters Mi-171SH and Mi-17V-5, combat scout-attack helicopter Ka-52, radar surveillance Ka-31, complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles Orion-E and Orlan-10E, as well as by promising air-launched weapons. 

Traditionally, Russian air defence and electronic warfare systems are in high demand in the region. They include anti-aircraft missile systems Viking, Buk-M2E, Tor-M2E in various configurations, man-portable air defence system Igla-S, as well as assets to counter unmanned aerial vehicles, including the Repellent electronic warfare complex against small-size UAVs.Rosoboronexport’s stand at the exhibition included presentation of an all-new product of the company, i.e. the system of countering unmanned aerial vehicles, which will include complexes of detection, electronic suppression of drones and anti-aircraft missile systems for their physical destruction.

“In 2020, Rosoboronexport was one the first to react to the worsening of the situation, related to the spread of Covid-19 in India, and decided to make a donation to the Fund of the Prime Minister of India to support Indian citizens and assist them in emergency situations,” added Alexander Mikheev.

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