Turkmenistan Special Forces commence combat ‘free fall’ training in India

by Editorial

The Indian Special Forces (SF) have, over a period of time, earned immense respect and reputation of being one of the finest Special Forces in the world due to their professionalism, operational expertise, and sacrifice. Special Forces of friendly nations including the US, Australia, countries of Central Asian Region and the Middle East have increasingly shown their desire to train with the battle-hardened Indian SF troops. In response, the Indian Army‘s Special Forces have increased their engagement with their counterparts from friendly nations.

Based on a request from the Turkmenistan Special Forces, the Special Forces Training School (SFTS) of the Indian Army, which is a unique institution providing training to the Indian Army‘s Special Forces, has commenced training of paratroopers from the Turkmenistan Special Forces in Combat Free Fall as a precursor to a series of other customised professional courses which will assist in capability enhancement of Turkmenistan Special Forces.

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