Cabinet approves Indian Space Policy 2023

by Editorial

The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved Indian Space Policy 2023, which will aim to enhance the role of the Department of Space, boost activities of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) missions and give a larger participation of research, academia, startups and industry.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a decision to open the space sector for private participation. Today because of this within 3 years, the number of startups has reached about 150 in ISRO…,” said Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh at a press briefing on Thursday. “Today Cabinet has approved Indian Space Policy 2023 which in brief would offer clarity to the role of each of these other components which have been set up to enhance the role of the space department, to give a boost to the activities of ISRO missions. To have larger participation between the research academia, startups and industry,” the Minister added.

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