DIAT develops medical bed isolation system for Covid-19 patients

by Editorial

In current pandemic, due to continuous increase of Covid-19 positive patients, the requirement of number of beds are increasing day by day. Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, (DIAT) in Pune has developed ‘Aashray’, the Medical Bed Isolation System to combat Covid-19 by stopping/ minimising the spread of virus/ infection released by the patient. This is a low cost, reusable solution to maintain proper isolation of Covid-19 patients by creating suction /negative pressure near exhale, and further filtering and disinfecting the aerosol.

Bed Isolation System envelopes are made up of specialised material and manufacturing process with transparent and translucent 7.5(l) ×7(w) ×6.5(h) ft3 size supported on medical grade materials structure. The product is modular and portable in design and can be suitable for different requirements such as institutional, hospitals and home/ individual quarantine. The envelope is reusable as it is antibacterial&anti-fungal and can be sanitised.

Each envelope is capable of housing one set of bed, table and chair along with some walking space. The width of the envelope can be adjusted as per the availability of space. Envelope is opaque up to 3ft from bottom to maintain privacy of the patient. The entire envelope is maintained at a low pressure (suction) with adjustable flow rate to restrain spread of virus/ infection inside the hall/ ICU. Each envelope is connected to the main duct equipped with UV light and filter circuit of Pre, fine and HEPA filter (recommended for medical application) and suction blower. The cross flow of air from top of the envelope towards the main duct is regulated (with a flap valve) as per comfort conditions of the patient. The virus/contaminants are continuously sucked through the duct and accumulated at the filters which are projected with UV light. The suction blower throws the filtered and contamination free air to outside environment. As per prototype manufacturer (M/s Cleancore Solutions Pvt Ltd. Bhosari, Pune) the cost of the setup for a unit of 10 beds is 1 lakh approximately and for home quarantine will be 15,000 for single bed.

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